PreForm Solution

The Pro4Dental Preform Solution is an custom abutment milling process using blocs with pre-manufactured implant connections. The blocs are compatible with the most major implantsystems and can be used with nearly all dental milling machines.

The connection to the implant is one of the most important geometries in implant prosthetics and will allow for optimal biomechanical strength and longevity for the implant treatment. The proven connection quality on implant platforms maintains the biomechanical integrity and assures a safe treatment outcome.

The PRO4 DENTALPreForm Solution allows for in-house customized milling of abutments within proven quality and precision of the implant connection, 100% made in Germany.

The PreForm blocs are availible in Titanium and CoCr. Each of the blocs is equipped with an high accurate connector to attach them at the machine specific Preform-holder. This Holders are availible for nearly all dental milling machines (i.e. Imes Icore, VHF, MB Maschinen, …)

Additional PRO4 DENTAL offers a wide range of CAD-CAM Products as like Scanbodies, Titanium-Bases and much more to complete the Solution.

The Pro4Dental PreForm-Solution save time and costs.

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